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Spray Foam Insulation

Slowly but surely, Spray Foam Insulation is gaining popularity across the nation. Rose Insulation is proud to offer Spray Foam Insulation for your home or business due to its energy efficiency, durability, moisture control, and other benefits. It is one of the few materials that often beats requirements for building code regulations.

Many designers, contractors, and architects are starting to recommend this material.  Spray Foam Insulation is easily installed, and its flexible nature allows it to be used in unique designs and areas. While most conventional insulations like fiberglass can’t provide adequate insulation in rounded buildings or tightly packed spaces, Spray Foam can meld into any space and shape.

Just what is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray Foam begins as two separate liquid mixtures that combine in the spray nozzle to form a polyurethane solution. Starting as a film during application, the insulation material soon foams up and expands up to 120 times it’s size, molding itself to the space and filling any potential cracks, crevices, or holes. After the foam expands, installers scrape off the additional foam to allow for drywall to be installed.

What are the benefits?

Let’s start with the basics. Due to its foaming nature, Spray Foam Insulation fills all the space inside of your walls and attics, instead of leaving gaps and cracks where bales of fiberglass can’t be stuffed properly. This also helps to better keep out the Texas heat, leading to better energy efficiency and less work for your climate control equipment. In regards to moisture, Spray Foam Insulation can either completely block moisture from getting through or allow it to pass without retaining it and molding. Pests cannot use Spray Foam for nesting or food materials. Finally, Spray Foam insulation also has added commercial benefits.

Perimeter walls are three times stronger when closed-cell Spray Foam is used for their insulation. It can also be used to coat equipment and storage containers, and it’s flexible application makes it a good choice for cold storage plants and to reduce UV surface degradation in plants and warehouses.

What are the different types?

Spray Foam Insulation comes in three densities and two types. High and Medium Density Spray Foams are what is called a “closed cell” foam, while Low Density is an “open cell”foam. While open cell works better for noise dampening, closed cell offers a high R-value (or, thermal insulating) power per inch.

Making the Best Decision

Here at Rose Insulation, we recognize that each building is unique and holds its own requirements. Choosing the right insulation for your build can be a daunting task— luckily, we’re here to help! Whether you’re building a new home for the next chapter of your Texas homestead or entering our state’s strong economy, give us a call to discuss your insulation needs. You want to find an insulation expert who understands the area and the climate. At Rose Insulation, we’ll give you the tools to make the best decision, and, when you’re ready, we’ll work with you to schedule an install.

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